Lewis JacquelineLEWIS, Jacqueline E.   - 1931 - 2020  The Lewis and Burrus families bid a loving adieu to Jay Lewis - intelligent, shy, iron-willed, principled, devout, solitary, thrifty, generous, always on the side of the weak, the powerless and the exploited.

Jay died peacefully on October 12, 2020.

Her sibs Jo and Phil had gone on ahead of her.

She leaves behind her brother Vic, sisters-in-law Karen and Ria, her nieces and nephews Lyn, Mia, Vicky, Jackie, Jenny, Terry, Stephen, Jeff, Richard, and their families.

Many thanks to all who cared for her at Scarborough General.

She wanted no funeral.

One can honour her spirit by donating to a charity.

Then one should make and share a Harvey Wallbanger cake.


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